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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 24, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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>> runner from all over the world are getting ready for tomorrow's big marathon in san francisco. we're talking about a 26.2 mi. course. this route were looking at so broke that will take them through several neighborhoods. this year and organizers are very concerned about an ongoing problem. >> marathon organizers are beefing up security trying to stop race bandits. people who are trying to walk through security and walk away with medals. it's a petty crime that has turned into a big headache. runners who don't register or
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pay. the >> come in and they just tried to jump into the course. peter food to take our mettle and leave. house and race bandits will take part in this marathon. in past years rant bandits have been left in good chip runners without food or metals. it's very frustrating to take part and not have anything to show for at the end of the day. the majority of people are worried this year because it's a very popularity then. we're afraid that people are going to especially tried the to jump into the second marathon. >> we have some harley-davidson
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crude the hogs coming in. we will have about 400 hogs security members to they're guarding our runners and our food. the bandits could offend the lead runners. it could be a distraction if you do not know that they're part of some race. even with the additional security measures. organizers believe that there will still be a race attendance at the marathon. this is why they ordered multiple meddles so that if people who have paid to participate in the race can still have something to go home with. >> i think it's going to be fairly cool for the marathon tomorrow. a lot of the fog in place. but i understand that
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that's actually pretty good for running a marathon when it's actually not too hot with sun beating down on you. perhaps bumping into the low sixties before the end of the day for san francisco. today and i stay we have the sunshine was morning fog. almost an identical day to what we have today. it's a very nice for our sunday. morning fog and very nice in the afternoon. things change just a little bit for next week. the ocean air will deepen as well. load the mid '80s inland for much of next week. temperatures around bay running below average next week. >> it was a much more quiet
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scene at a parking concord today last week, detonated. this is this third one in 48 hours. in this touch of juries to be a whole and the ground. and concord police said that to fandom wednesday and 1 t on friday tear it this is the area adjacent where all three pipe bombs were found. concord police were keeping a close eye on the park on saturday. were surgery to teens and hundreds of parents and spectators gathered for error soccer tournament.
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>> it's safe, now bring your family is and what we want everybody to do is always remain concerned and vigil and if they find anything suspicious leave it alone call the police and let us deal with it. soccer fans felt confident that the police would not be telling us to come out of they felt that we shouldn't be there. >> we fill say if it's a great tournament so were just plain stick it out and see what happens. and >> seems to be the general feeling that >> i feel pretty secure enough things that have been taking care of so i don't think that they would let us play its
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aren't the case. >> a brush fire in a rural area of this british 25 a.. and crews didn't get it under control at about 630 tonight one firefighter suffered heat exhaustion and one woman was injured. and a grass fire in san jose was put out today before it could reach any nearby buildings our homes this began and about 2:00 p.m.. the fire stretched to about 5 a. before the fire fighters banished put it out. there's something unusual about a recent string of home burglaries. in each case residents hadn't of encounter was a 10 year-old boy. >> the most prudent of home that was burglarized happened on july
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20th the day before that on july 19th a home located on the 400 block of land on the new and on july 17th on the 300 block someone got into a home through an open front window to die and windsor and windsor that home and it says of the nanny saw the man coming to the window and she saw him she said what would be doing here. and indeed have any idea how a camera in it? >> another episode happened previously and to you told me. a >> is in seem like it is a professional. >> they say that they're using a 10 year-old boy to scare up a home to see if anyone was inside. >> sorry 3 burglaries' that they're using the 10 year-old
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boy but have only gotten away with a skateboard. if this happens to anyone they should call police right away. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at eleven whether wreaks havoc and the midwest. microsoft takes the remote of your hands. and new video shows the power of nature. those stories still ahead on kron 4 news. we will be back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. >> oakland police are
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investigating to shootings that happens saturday the first friday afternoon on melrose avenue. the police arrived to find one man shot who later died in hospital. on saturday one man in stable condition the other in critical condition. >> oakland police arrived with
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some moments to searching year- old victims were transported stood hospitals one wasn't critical condition. the destructive up as another shooting in oakland. >> after the incident the police officer chased the grow away and told him to leave the area. as they're leaving the area they heard the screaming, out of the house and of the street zairian as soon as they ran inside and they ran screaming he has a knife. and i guess the ambulance
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came and took her away as well. and so of line taken up in whenever transfer >> people and cities to they were rallying in against violence. this is something called silence against violence. it is also happening in san francisco. it was a peace march today. and father we know that in the death of its hall homicide. we lost our leadership. some of those young men and women will never grow up to be who we in will have looked up upon perrand
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>> silence of violence to the game as a piece event. san francisco police are looking for suspects in the overnight shooting event of a 24 year-old man. police say the man was sitting in his car at an intersection when gunmen approached and shot him 12 to 15 times. he tried to drive off the crash as car. police are investigating this as a gang- related shooting. coming up you probably seen it this sheet total this week but we have and now have a video of the well crashing into the yacht in south africa. >> we will be back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. >> to the midwest has been
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getting pounded by storms recently. denise and iowa recently. it's created this 34 damps. in chicago 10's and
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thousands of people have been a subpar. evacuation's got under way saturday. 35 mi.. after massive amounts of recent rainfall. this caused a dam to fail. >> this is a very sad situation it's a very catastrophic break in the dam. >> is didn't quite of a catastrophic weak month for a this man. chandler says he was terrified. >> i knew i had to do something quick of your in something that was planned how plan. >> this was the scene in some >> were as roadways had to be shut down and tens and thousands were without power at one point. >> in milwaukee a very dry and
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man got to it thinks the man who pulled him to safety >> i was very thankful he was at the right time at the right place and he did have to do something like that >> there was some good news for milwaukee after they canceled the flood watch >> lots of blue sky as all- around the blue area today but still that stubborn fog hugging the coast. this is a shot from candlestick park looking over the bay. we have a lot of clouds over the city for the bay. temperatures presently cool. clear in the '50s and '60s most thought. walnut creek right now 63. alex festival. we've had
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great weather and sunday will be no different little bit of cloudiness in the morning. temperatures real nice getting into the upper 80s by the late afternoon. here's the fog tracker. in the fog is already in til lot of the parts of the bay tonight. into santa rosa. most spots in the bay area by nine are 10:00 hudson will be giving way to sunshine. still some fog remains for some locations near the bay. but that to the ocean in the western said the answer seven cisco. in these numbers actually almost identical to the highs we had today. upper 70's and low 80's in the north bay. though sixties coast. san francisco topping out
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at this chilly 60 degrees. and it's below average. '60s and '70s east shore. the fog in a way to sunshine. lots of sun and pleasant readings here in the east bay. edie 80's and low 90s in the warmest places. the south bay the new numbers are reaching the high 80s and 90s. morgan held 87 degrees. here's the seven day around the bay. and things begin to cool off just a little bit for monday tuesday and wednesday. we get these little tiny changes in how sick the fog is and how deep the ocean air is. and i can make a big difference in how war and gets. low 80s most places in the inland. only the mid-60s in the inland areas. >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >> so what the public get a
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sneak peek at microsoft connect. game system. it's like the we without needing a controller. you stand in front of the tv and control the game with the body. the movement and translated to the x box 360. you watch the character on the screen mimic your body movement. waving your hand jumping up and down kicking. this is the first time i experienced it. my only complaint. it's not a good one but it was a workout. much different than playing with a controller because you're working your whole body. i was sweating with a few minutes. he might be wondering why is this happening at macy's in nine video game store is or video game retailers like best buy. the answer is because macy's gets a lot of traffic from a
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diverse clientele. and this plan now thursday through sunday until september 30th. the contract goes on sale november 4th and will cost $150. >> coming up he's probably seen the photo but now you've seen night can see the video of a huge well hitting a yacht in south africa. >> we will be back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. >> imagine being on a yacht and
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a nice sunny day and then this happening. that's a whale hitting a shot attempt coast in south africa. and they did have a photo of this incident. and now this video have surfaced. the two people on board death was not hurt. split into. the well seem to be all right after this happened. experts say that
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the well was not hurt. and it might not have been done this on purpose and may not have realized that it was a yacht. a looks like the well-wishers during a back flip. but everybody was all right. >> the weather looks pretty right and it should be good for the merits on tomorrow. cloudy and cool. so cool at the coast to warm inland not incredibly hot. load '50s for antioch said hall and next week is looking nice to. no heat waves in sight.
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